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Please see below some of our kind testimonials, and referrals gathered over various internet sites in regards to our Funeral Home. Your words touch us so dearly and humble us to the highest degree. We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

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Thank You Notes

We can't thank Kelsey enough for the time spent with us planning my husband, Larry Leaf's funeral service. She was so sweet and treated us as if she had known us all of her life. Again thank you so much Kelsey.

Linda Leaf & Mike Dannels
August 15, 2018

So sorry for your loss he will be missed by all that knew him , Just keep in mind he is just another angel gone home God Bless.

Love in Christ Bill Broyles

Bill Broyles
July 11, 2018

Used Countryside when my husband died because of all the good things I heard about them through a friend and church.
Directed, owned and operated by Jim Bryne and family along with Mr. Clements and Mr Birdsall they were wonderful.
Their attitude, attentive to details and our needs, soft spoken to let you know"they had it all under control" was reassuring. Made a sad time into a positive experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your services.

Sandy Fuller
February 14, 2018

Knowing Stan and the great help him and Cheryl were to my family, will not be forgotten. Citra,FL..Calvary Baptist..

Chip Haskell
December 15, 2017

Once again you exhibited the Christian spirit you are so well known for. Thank you Jim,and your awesome family,for your kindness and genuine compassion in helping MaryJo and her family through this difficult time.

Lisa Brooks
December 1, 2017

You guys were amazing, you all went above and beyond to make sure my family was taken care of. Can't thank you enough for your service. We were truly blessed to have you guys!! Will highly recommend to anyone.

Deyanira Romero
September 18, 2017

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Jim and Kelsey were. They were so wonderful to work with and made my mother look like she was sleeping. The embalming was perfect. They truly cared about my family. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this Funeral Home for your loved one.

Nina Heck
May 23, 2017

I just wanted to THANK every one who was there at my father's service & his viewing. thank you each & every one of you for coming out to our Home Church. I know my dad was probably smiling at each & every one of you. my dad was a wonderful & caring Man. and I know each & every one of us miss him very much.
my dad is in HEAVEN with his dad & mom & his Brother LESTER.. I know that some day ELLEN & WALTER & ME WILL BE seeing him again some day. GOD SPEED DAD. LOVE You Always, CANDACE

March 3, 2017

Jim at countryside and his family are the most caring and compassionate people I have had the pleasure to meet...They took care of my son, son-in-law, and most recently my brother.. They have worked with me, and very kind about it..I used to use Hiers funeral home, but never again..their prices are very reasonable..They know how it is to lose someone and not have all the money...They did a beautiful job on my son Chris and my son-in-law Ray Freet. Thank you all for being compassionate and caring.- Violet May

violet may
March 8, 2016

I have had to come to Countryside Funeral Home twice in the past two weeks. With heavy heart. The loss of my Mother then the loss of my great nephew. I was not part of the planning of the services. But with family members who were they had no worries when it came time to say good bye. Wonderful staff... Very respectful and an eye out for detail and needs of the mourning. My first visit here was two years ago for my first mother in law. Same great service. Thank you for holding my family in these very hard times

L. A. B.
March 5, 2016

I would highly recommend Country Side Funeral Home to anyone. Jim is wonderful. My husband passed away on June 29,2015, It was after midnight Jim and his son drove from Anthony to Silver Springs to pick up my husband. Jim and his son were very caring and did such a wonderful job was very patient, caring and understanding when I needed a little more time with my husband. God bless Jim, his family and staff.

Mary Horton
February 27, 2016

i think this is the nicest and the best funeral home in town they did a super funeral for a friend shannon johnson i went to her funeral and they had it fixed up so pretty and i said a poem at the service and everyone loved it and the funeral home staff thanked me so much and said i done a great job so i would recomind them to everyone for your love ones and i,m so happy that richard allen hutchinson,s family chose yall for the taking care of allen amen

carolyn ray
January 29, 2016

Words connot express our heartfelt gratitude to all of the staff at Countryside. There is not a more loving group of people to help you through the most difficult time of you life. God is surely working through them every step of the way. Mom knew what she was doing when she left us that note to call you! God Bless you all.

Lisa Brooks family of Gertrude Balducci
December 14, 2015

There are no more kinder loving people to help you through this most difficult time. Words connot express our appreciation to all of the staff at Countryside. Mom knew what she was doing when she left that note to call you! Our deepest and most heartfelt thanks

Lisa Brooks family of Gertrude Balducci
December 14, 2015

My mom past in Jan 2013, last at night my dad was also ill. Jim opened his viewing room along with his heart. Allowed my dad a private viewing to see my mom for the last time. Jim didnt even charge us, my dad sat for two hours with mom. No words can truly express Jim's kindness. Then in Dec 2013, my dad left me to be with mom. Jim took care of everything.
Jim takes his place to care for our loved ones at the end. He does it with love and dignity. Thank you CountrySide for all you do and have done

Maria Elisa Ghigliotty Sarria
June 21, 2015

I have agree with the previous review. The owner seems to have an inherent ability to deal with those blindsided by the death of a loved one. The business is family run and everyone is patient and understanding. This was the first place I contacted as soon as my father passed away. After speaking with Mr. Byrne on the phone I knew that it would not be neccessary to contact other homes I was considering. I also have to say that the first person I spoke to on the phone, perhaps a daughter, immediately responded in a genuine and compassionate manner, which reduced a great deal of my confusion in the process. The set up is lovely and they allow family to really personalize the service. In my opinion personalization is a most invaluable part of the process. I highly recommended Countryside in all funeral planning circumstances.

jrwgreen13 - YellowPages.com
April 2, 2015

I cannot express enough of my gratitude of James and his family on how they assisted with us in our time of grief. We felt like we were family at his funeral home and treated the passing of our father with much honor and not like a business transaction. I know that God will continue to bless his family as he was such a blessing to ours.

Nazly R.
August 3, 2014

You ever get one of those feelings when the phone rings and you know. You just know. I half expected everything black in my closet to walk out on its own. But I must say that this little spot that, from the exterior, does not command the massive vertical presence of some funeral homes handled this latest catastrophe in our family with finesse.

This place is immaculate, comfortable, and, having been here quite awhile ago, has had a wonderful makeover. Parking is adequate and this place is very easy to find.

But the most stellar kudos come in the way of the personnel handling this wake and funeral. What nice people. Spot on from the start. Available at all times. And kind. They made it about friends and family, and didn't simply go through the motions. A few other places should take a page from Countryside's playbook. Very nice job!

Gemma K.
September 13, 2013

In May of this year, I lost my son in a terrible accident. My son was so loved by everyone who knew him, and his passing has left a huge hole in our lives. But I have to take a moment here and express my deepest appreciation for Jim and his family at Countryside Funeral Home. A Mom never thinks she’ll have to plan her son’s funeral, and as it was so sudden, I was very confused and didn’t know the first thing to do. My parents had heard good things about Countryside from their church, so we went over there, not knowing the first thing about how to make arrangements. As soon as Jim started speaking, his tone and demeanor were calming. He was professional but personal, and set our minds at ease. Jim’s main goal is to make sure that a family is able to honor their loved one the way they want it done. He spent a lot of time with us, never hurrying us out, even when we were the last on his schedule. My family and I were very pleased with their service, and the cost was very reasonable. He has a passion for helping people in their time of need, and it is quite evident. This is not just a business to Jim and his family, it is a calling. I highly recommend Jim and Countryside Funeral Home for your time of need.

T s C. - YellowPages.com
September 7, 2013

For those who recommended Countryside Funeral Homes to take care of the funeral and cremation arrangements for my precious baby boy....thank you. They have been so compassionate and understanding and have offered us things to help keep my baby boys memory alive forever. They have been so kind....I can't even begin to thank them. They are handling everything and offered their ears at all hours if I have any questions, or just need to talk. They have lifted such a huge burden off my shoulders. Thank you all so much.

Savannah Steele

They really are the best!!!! In a bad situation they make it much easier!!!

Heather Cannon Hess

They took very good care of us when we had to bury our son this past February.

Laurie King

They seem to continue to help people in there time of need just like they did for me and my family.

Chris Bellomo

They helped my sister in law plan her own funeral at the age of 31 with 2 young children. The compassion they gave was phenomenal! That's why I recommended them. God bless you and your family.

Mary Yantis Cooper

YES! Praise God they treated me so well, Jim even held me when I fell apart. They made me and my journey so much easier.

Maria Elisa Ghigliotty Sarria

Jim is good friends with my family, he is one of the nicest men I have ever met and I am glad he is as sweet to you as he is everyone!!

Shellie Phillips West

They were certainly a blessing to me when my husband passed away.

Linda Lynn

I have worked with them professionally and personally. They will be taking care if me and my family when the time comes.

Sharon Allred Duncan, Hospice of Marion County

They are simply professional and caring.

Barry Wilson

Countryside is Very caring and compassionate. They took care of my husbands arrangements last year.

Lori Bonin Lewis

My cousin is a funeral director there. He took care of my dad when he passed almost 3 months ago.

Merrell Holliman-Carlson

We went to them for my brother and my Dad they were fantastic in our time of sorrow!!!!

Laurie Pierce

Countryside funeral home in Anthony. just used a few weeks ago.. All is done on site.. no sending out to other facilities... which a lot do..Great people.

Linda Sofia

I'm sorry for your loss. I recommend Countryside Funeral Home. Mr. Byrne will work with you.

Marisa Brown Gates

Countryside Funeral home. If you want services too. James is wonderful.

Monica Huff

For sure Countryside Funeral Home for sure ... They are the best ...

Terri Teague Dunbar

I've heard Countryside is very reasonable and compassionate. Praying for y'all in this difficult time.

Chris Harman Hudson

I am so sorry for your loss. Countryside in Anthony is reasonable and very caring.

Patty Orr Booth

Countryside without a doubt. So sorry for your loss. They are so nice.

Kerri Henrikson Guzman

Countryside funeral home was amazing and so kind and caring when I had to use them!!!! Jim and all the people there are just top notch!!!!!

Heather Cannon Hess

Countryside funeral home in Anthony, I just put my brother in the ground a month ago and if it wasn't for Steve I wouldn't have made it through.

Rebecca Phillips Gary

Countryside, Jim and his wife are awesome and he is one of the most reasonable.

Traci Moody Bryson

Countryside was awesome they are a smaller place and to me that makes it a more personal experience and more family oriented..and reasonable pricing.

Sherry Toole Shepherd

I would check with Countryside Funeral Home in Anthony, Fl. My husband passed away on 12/31/2011 and a friend suggested them to me. The cost was half the price of the funeral homes in Ocala. The place is ran by a man and his wife who are very compassionate. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Linda Lynn

We have used Countryside in Anthony. They are such a caring group of people and as hard as this is, they can make your arrangements a easy step for you. They are truly great at what they do.

Barbara Gaskin Waldron

Countryside is amazing. Very highly recommend in your time of need.

Angie Richardson Frye

Try Countryside funeral home in Anthony. I hear good things about them. God bless you.

Margaret Posey

Countryside is who we used for my mom a few years back and they were great! Made the process as easy as possible.

Layla Gaj

Call Jim at Countryside Funeral Home! He beats everyone's price & is a wonderful man!

Janet Ray Hall

Countryside in Anthony. It is locally owned and operated. The owner is amazing. All the other are now owned by cooperations.

Amanda Lee Doney

Jim at Countryside Funeral Home in Anthony, Fl. That gave me so much love I lost my parents 11 months apart. I couldn't ask for any better treatment.

Maria Elisa Ghigliotty Sarria

Countryside is very nice and family oriented. They were very accomodating for our family.

Roberta Horn Szeluga

Countryside funeral home in Anthony is wonderful! Very kind and caring staff.

Jennifer Loynes Goodwin

So very sorry for your loss. Countryside is very good, affordable and have heart.

Patsy Henderson Jackson

There is a place i used for my mom and they where the best very sweet people and very caring it is called COUNTRYSIDE FUNERAL HOME it is right out side of Ocala. god bless you!!!!

Belinda Baxter Brooks

Check out countryside family owned and operated I am so sorry to hear I am praying for you.

Karen Chindlund Stephens

Countryside Funeral Home. Its a family owned business with very caring hearts. Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my husband and sister 3 months apart and my world was shattered so I understand your pain. God bless you and most of all be kind to yourself, take each day one day at a time.

Cheryl Pruitt

I've heard countryside funeral home is very reasonable. They may work with you too.

Chris Harman Hudson

Countryside funeral home on old jax rd.. they did my daddy's cremation their very good and understanding people there.

Stacy Walker

Country side worked with a friend if mine when his mother passed ....he had $0 and it was a nice service ....I don't know about the terms of the arrangement but like I said he had NO money.

Sherry Toole Shepherd

Countryside handled my moms cremation. .. very very nice people!

Layla Gaj

I just wanted to let people know of my family's experience with Countryside Funeral Home in Anthony. I had surgery on Friday was home on Sunday was called on Monday to be told my father passed away. We were expecting it but it was still a shock. He was in an ALF in Spring Hill with Alzheimer's because no one in Ocala could take him. He got sick and was taken to Oak Hill Hospital in Brookesville where he passed away. My father didn't have any arrangements made and none of us children has any money. My brother contacted a few funeral homes about cremation. The cheapest place with the nicest people were at Countryside. They let us put down some money and make payments on the rest. They also would have our father out of the cold morgue in the hospital and brought here the same day. That means alot to our family. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Shanna Hamilton Folsom

They were involved with the passing of my grandmother last year...and also returned money to my mom after too much was pre paid(not sure why though)...Forgot the details..Mom and Dad have have arrangements with them for themselves in the future.

Chuck Baltzagler

I have used countryside funeral home and found them to be really compassionate and very helpful.

Terry Erickson

They are amazing!!!!! They handled my fathers arrangements.... Perfect!!!!

Traci Smith Rivera

My family and I went to them when my dad passed last year... they are great and would recommend them anytime.

Stacy Walker

I recommend Countryside as well. They handled my mother's arrangements and were so kind to us.

Marisa Brown Gates

Yes they are amazing and also helped out our family when my sister in law passed unexpectedly.

Yvette Hegler

I had a friend who's Mother passed and Countryside was just wonderful and they too worked out some payment arrangements. How wonderful it is to know a business like that still has compassion & don't try & take advantage of you at a very difficult time in your life.

Pamela Pittman

We used Countryside last year when my mom passed away. They were awesome. I highly recommend them as well.

Lisa DeMeola Wilson

we used countryside for all 3 deaths we had in the past 3 years, theyre awesome and they worked with us with the first death since we had to have an attorney and court orders for the 1st one, they were still nice to use even with is bringing all the legal crap we had to. My recommendation as well!

Laken Walker

From what I have seen and heard, this is a very very caring funeral home and when death comes anyone's way, that's what you need, someone that cares!

Tonya Anderson

Jim is a gem. Within 11 months both of my patents passed and Jim took pride in making things perfect for me. I wanted an urn that was hand made and he got it done for me and my dad is in his realm. My dad was a handy man I would recommend them anytime.

Maria Elisa Ghigliotty Sarria

You can't find a better person to deal with than Jim at Countryside. Highly recommend him, when planning my mom's arrangements last year he gave several affordable options. No pressure and a very compassionate person who will make the process easier to bear.

Teresa Brees McLaughlin

I have to admit I wanted nothing to with any funeral home except Hiers. I think it was just because I have lived here most of my life and when someone passed it was just always Hiers. When our mom passed away my brother convinced me to at least go talk to Countryside. I am so glad I did! They allowed us to bring food in (moms favorites of course) and have a little home feel to what was one of the worst days of our lives. They dressed down for me cause mom would want everyone to be comfy. I think the thing that meant the most to me was that they let my sister in law come in before time to help make my mom look like my mom. You know fix her hair the way she would have etc. They also allowed us to have the service on Sunday after church but wait until the next morning for a "just us" short sweet grave side kiss good bye. Oh and it was Christmas Eve!!!! They were amazing!!! I hate it when my brother is right but in this case I was glad. GOLD STAR

Trisha Rimes Wilemon

Countryside is the best!!! Jim the owner and his staff are all so super nice and very sensitive. Super Super people!!!

Susan Tochman Ostanik

Want to say what a wonderful experience we had with Countryside Funeral home. During a stressful and sad time they brought a calm to the situation. We found them to be $2000 cheaper then the place our family had used for years. And they were so sweet, compassionate and helpful.

Patty Lucas Cannon

Call Countryside Funeral Home in Anthony. They may work with her and they are much more affordable than anyone release I found when my mom passed in July. Their number is 620-2006.

Marisa Brown Gates
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